April 13th, 2007

Molar implant under psychoanalgesia
performed by Dr. Oriol Farré, Dr. Escudero's pupil.
The patient, Arantza Urreizti, attended my course on March 3rd, 2007.

Patient and dentist happy after the surgical intervention.

Dr. Oriol Farré is a dentist. He attended a course on Noesitherapy lectured by Dr. Escudero on April 24th, 2004.
Three days later, he performed his first dental extraction under psychoanalgesia.
On January 21st, 2005, he extracted 13 pieces from Jose Ramón Rodríguez.
The patient lived a marvelous experience without chemicals.


Dr. Farré with his patient.



Bandeja con todo lo extraído d e su boca


He smiles after the enriching experience with his new teeth.


Dr. Damico comes out in newspapers from his country, Uruguay,
speaking about his work as a dentist
using Dr. Escudero's teachings.
He performs his sugical work under Psychoanalgesia.
-The newspaper El País, pg. 5, on July 8th 2005.
-Weekly magazine Quinto Día, July 10th , 3 pages with photos and statements.
Congratulations to Dr. Damico for the good use he is doing with the Noesitherapy teaching in order to
make his practice in Medicine more human.
Dr. Damico is ready to start his work.

Her smile  means confidence with the noesitherapist.
In the second photo she is looking at  the extracted tooth.

Alejandra Chispens
has lived a wonderful experience.




De: James Douloudis
Fecha: 03/30/08 04:38:39
Para: 'Dr. Angel Escudero'
Asunto: RE: Book request
Thank you so much for the gift of the Dr Escuderos’ book.
And a true gift it was and is.
I was expecting a simple book on the methodology of Noesitherapy. What I got was a sublime work of grace that will enrich my life, and those I come in touch with, forever.
Thank you.

As promised I gave my gift of $5.00 to a needy someone. (Actually I gave $10.00 as I calculated that 5 Euro will be about $10 Australian)

“A gift from Dr Escudaro.” I said when giving it to them. They of course were confused and did not understand, but very grateful.

So thank you all for this tremendous gift. A gift that will last forever and reward continued exploration.
God Bless,

Subjet: Re: Noesi Book and Tapes

  I downloaded your free pdf file from your site. Yesterday I gave £5 ( that's about 8 Euro) to a charity collecting
                                 money for the local Air Ambulance.
                                     They were very grateful.

                                          Best wishes,

                                          David Knight

                                        Dear Dr. Escudero,

Thank you so much for the very quick response in sending me your book and tapes. I read the book immediately and listened
to the tapes over the next several days. I have been impressed and amazed at the simplicity of your suggestions: Direct liquid
and pleasant saliva to fill your mouth and direct your thoughts in a positive way to create the life you want.

For many years, I have known the power of thoughts, but I don't feel that I've been very effective in communicating that power
to others. I think people have seen me as beeing lucky, happy, and positive; but, not necessarily as having something that they, too
could have. Through hypnotherapy, I have felt that I could help others empower themselves. Now, I have the tools you teach
to help others live better and happier lives.

I am now extremely careful about my thoughts, my words and all suggestions given through hypnosis.

I started, after watching "Your Life in Their Hands", suggesting to my family and all my clients to bring saliva into their mouths
and to direct a healing thought to whatever was bothering them. Everyone experienced a benefit, whether they were suffering
from a headache, muscle tension, or indigestion -even flatulence. Now that I've read the book and listened to the tapes, I am
even more insistent that they keep saliva in their mouths during the day and to be very careful about their thoughts. I like the
metaphor you use about the steering wheel of the car; also the one about the gasoline (petrol) being used appropriately.

I appreciate the explanation about the vagal response in the 3rd tape.  An explanation that is a bit scientific seems to make the
process more credible to some. I've done some additional research on the internet to help me gain a better understanding of the vagus nerve and its relationship to the body's well-being.

Many people have inquired about your book. Is there a way we can make it more easily available in the US? I don't want to
lend mine to anyone! I know that seems selfish, but it has made such a profound impression on me; I don't want to lose the
book! I've highlighted many paragraphs and I will read it again and again.

I am very serious about sharing your message to improve people's lives. I share your love of humanity and hope that it will be
as evident from me as it is from you. I understand that helping women to direct their own childbirth process using
psychoanalgesia is an extremely important part of your message. I don't yet feel confident in that area, but I will continue
studying until I do. Please keep me on your email list to update information on training schedules, etc.

                                         Thank you again.
                                 With deep appreciation and respect,
                                   Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA

The third angel is an angel.  Dr. Angel Escudero is a medical doctor, a healer, a composer, an artist, a sculptor, a philanthropist,
an author, and organized and found sponsors to complete 110 murals in Valencia, Spain, single-handedly. And we have never
met.  But we know each other well.  It's been since Sculpture 2000 (organized in 1999) that this"Angel" has also stuck by us
                                          sight unseen.


  Through him, I have learned much about art, about life, about survival and positive thinking.  To have faith, to believe, to see
that one can overcome all obstacles and barriers, even life threatening ones, if we only believe in ourselves and really exercise
     the power of positive thinking.  The 1200 children he touched know it too, and we are indeed so very fortunate.

The Mentors Mile began as a tribute to those who some people think of as their own personal hero and represents anyone
  from their mind and heart including their own parents or friends to national heroes or those they are "mentored" by and of
   whom they wish to portray.  We wish to dedicate this mural mile to our friend and colleague, Dr. Angel Escudero from
  Valencia Spain, who has illustrated what "healing" is really all about and who single-handedly organized the creation of 110
                           murals in a single location and on a single day in Spain.