Always paying attention!

-Ed Friedman after being in a coma and his poem "TIME".
-Dr. Escudero's last book about Noesitherapy in a bilingual edition:Spanish - English
-February-11th-1998-First noesibaby's 25th anniversary. She attended  Dr. Escudero's operating room.
 Appendicectomy under Volitive Psychoanalgesia -VPA-,by Dr. Escudero´s pupils.
First videoconference from the University of Mexico with Spain
n&n in Rwanda: A Dr. Escudero´s disciple in Rwanda.

Noesibaby in Amsterdam: E-mail from a noesigirl.

Noesitherapy Center: (3-10-97)- Videoconference with La Laguna University in Tenerife, 

(5th Catai´s Course in Winter)

Now, Miguel can eat cow proteins : (3-29-97)(4-15-97)

A young woman in my operating room: (4-2-97)

A morning in my operating room:(4-16-97)

Speaking on the phone while we were operating on her: (4-23-97)

Sexology and society : (04-97)

N&N videos: (4-25-97) 496 KB

childbirth: 814 KB

Alberti and Arrabal portraits on marble by Dr. Escudero in France:(6-16-97)

Course on stress management for Baxter Laboratory: (7-18-97)