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Last  July 18th, Dr. Escudero gave a course: "STRESS: Prevention and treatment with NOESITHERAPY", for BAXTER´s senior managering staff of Spain. 

Dr. Escudero´s experience, unique in the whole world operating on his patients under psychological anesthesia, has evident applications in order to manage stress, in an efficient and easy way.

With the same simplicity with which any person learns to achieve his own psychoanesthesia, they also learn about the natural mechanisms to get out from the "bath of adrenaline" in which the managers of all great enterprises live.

When they improve the quality of their lives a clear repercussion in the output of their work is produced and the pathologies emerging from the stress decrease. To live in a more reasonable and healthy way affects the whole environment in a positive manner.

U.K. is one of the European Countries which is more affected by stress, which deteriorates the quality of life, increases the incidence of diseases and causes tremendous economic losses in addition to human suffering.
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