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    During the month of April (1997) the First Meeting on Sexology and Society took place in the Infirmary Association of Valencia.

    María Jesús Escudero, nurse specialized in natural methods of family planning and a Noesitherapy School teacher, lectured about: "NATURAL METHODS TO DETECT OVULATION AND CHILDBIRTH UNDER NOESITHERAPY"

    Subject of her lecture: exposing some of the lines of work followed in Dr. Escudero´s Noesitherapy Center:

    - Teaching women to detect ovulation in a natural manner and the fertile phase of the ovulatory cycle.

    -They learn:

      -The BILLINGS method (detection of ovulation through the cervical mucus' characteristics)
      - The SYNTOTHERMIC method (study of other indicators of fertility parameters, such as basal temperature and auto-exploration of the neck of the uterus)

      After learning these methods, a woman can use them in order to:

        a) - Avoid pregnancy (with a high efficiency as an anticonceptive method)

        b) - To program pregnancy for a chosen date.

        c) - To get pregnancy in some cases of low degree of fertility. (Without needing inducers of ovulation, avoiding risks of multiple pregnancies).

        When the woman is pregnant she is prepared to give birth following the NOESIOLOGY teachings with only one training session at any month of pregnancy. The woman learns to manage everything in relation with the biological processes and how to program Maternofetal Psychoanalgesia.

        Along her lecture some childbirths under psychoanalgesia were shown.
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