Dr. Escudero's Paper
November, 2008

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Dr. Demetrio Sodi Pallarés.
Comentary about Noesitherapy

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Dear Friends,
During my long professional career as a surgeon, operating with psychoanalgesia for over 35 years, I have been able to establish THREE TRUTHS, the intelligent application of which might solve most of the problems of our civilization.
FIRST TRUTH: IT IS BETTER TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH HUMID THAN TO HAVE IT DRY. This quality of saliva is associated with pleasant situations. As it comes from positive thoughts this saliva bears the sign of what I describe as “positive biological response” in my book HEALING BY THINKING - NOESITHERAPY. Each positive thought  brings about a MUSCARINIC VAGAL PREDOMINANCE which is, precisely, a  the STRESS ANTIDOTE, improving circulation, metabolism, the immunological state, the ability to relax and exert more self-control…as well the possibility to achieve psychoanalgesia with only one thought.
SECOND TRUTH: EACH WORD WHETHER IT IS - A THOUGHT, SPOKEN OR WRITTEN AFFECTS OUR LIFE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT THROUGH OUR BRAIN, for good or for bad. Each word generates a Positive or Negative BR with all its consequences for health in one sense or another.

Our brain is the steering wheel in our life, and each thought changes our life’s direction and affects our health, welfare and happiness. Each thought emanates from our brain as a subtle energy and reaches every human brain at an unconscious level…And the sum of thoughts of one sign or other moves all of mankind to good ends or to self-destruction. Hence the importance of making the entire world understand that for our civilization to change the sign of its negative evolution it must use thought in order to increase the COMMUNION OF POSITIVE ENERGIES.
A great deal is said about environmental pollution…but, do we adequately address psychological contamination, multiplied worldwide by the media?

I have verified the creative power of thought with scalpel in hand and this, dear friends, is irrefutable.

In one of the final chapters of my book HEALING BY THINKING - NOESITHERAPY, I have made mention of statements attributed to a great physiologist and anatomopathologist of the 19th century, named Rudolf Virchow who said that while dissecting he had never found the human soul.

I would say to Virchow: Dear friend, how were you to find in a corpse what has already departed? and when what we call the SOUL departs, what was a living being moments ago has become a corpse. Therefore, we must agree that the ENERGY WHICH SUSTAINS LIFE WAS IN THE SOUL…and, what is the soul but a breath of the CREATOR?

The “ENGINEER” who designed the human being put THOUGHT at our disposal, as a tool to use the human soul’s creative power in our life and environment. And within the soul HE provided  us with all we need to recover normality and harmony when these are lost and illness ensues. This resource, let’s call it INTERNAL CONTROL, is tasked with setting the healing mechanisms of nature in motion…
He gave us thought along with the freedom to use it…but by abusing their freedom of thought human beings have caused most of their own individual and collective problems, from illness to wars.

I ask myself: have we stopped to consider the influence of THINKING on our health and quality of life?

NOESIS is a Greek word for the action of thinking, activating a thought process. And THERAPY means healing. Therefore, I gave my school the name of NOESITHERAPY meaning HEALING BY THINKING, given that all phenomenology obtained by my patients, disciples and followers depends on their use of THOUGHTS.  

Since 1972 I have seen people who, with a short and simple learning process of just a few minutes, understand to what extent they are able to programme their brain to obtain PSYCHOANAESTHESIA. They enter the operating room to enjoy an enriching experience and leave unassisted to return to their normal lives straight away. There is not a single recorded case in my operating statistics of post-operative infection among thousands of surgical wounds without the use of antibiotics. This signifies an optimal immunological condition.
In maternity I encountered MATERNOFETAL PSYCHOANALGESIA, which allows a woman to give birth with extraordinary well-being and self-control, after just one training session at any stage of her pregnancy. Psychomotor development in these Noesibabies is more rapid and positive. They are the first of a new generation of humans who are more free and intelligent, since at birth their souls were not seeded with the fear of change.

When I transferred these experiences to all other medical specialties, all of their results were improved.

And according to patients and followers who adequately apply my teachings, not only do they lead healthier and happier lives, they have also BECOME BETTER PEOPLE… And they feel a need to share with others this new-found well-being in their lives…And, dear friends, there is a word to define this feeling: LOVE, which is the only panacea-energy I know capable of resolving all of our society’s problems.

I was honoured to write the prologue of a book recently published in Spain: THE PUZZLE OF WATER AND THE HEXAGONAL KEY. During 40 years of his life the author, Korean physicist MU SIK JHON, studied the peculiarities of water molecules. Among its other properties making it essential for life, he found that the H2O molecule in nature can be pentagonal or hexagonal: made up of a union of five or six molecules.
Dr. Jhon has demonstrated that hexagonal water facilitates the absorption of nutrients by cells and the removal of residual matter from metabolism, at the same time improving the immunological condition…This leads me to think that one factor in making my patients immune to infection is maintaining a PBR, thus facilitating, among other things, production of hexagonal water in their bodies…

Let me show you a short video of operations and childbirth with Volitive Psychoanalgesia. But first may I ask you to think: my mouth fills up with fluid saliva, water-like and pleasant, and I will enjoy viewing these hopeful images.

Dr. Demetrio Sodi Pallarés is a Mexican cardiologist, who we always fondly remember. You will see how well he understood the significance of my work.
VIDEO: DR. DEMETRIO SODI PALLARÉS commenting on the meaning of Positive Biological Response.

After a video showing two surgical interventions (on a young woman’s venous insufficiency and on an inguinal hernia of a woman aged 81) and one of a childbirth under psychoanalgesia…
- Each day our civilization accelerates the pace of its own destruction. 

 Can we improve our future..?

An abundance of scientific knowledge, material wealth, power, energy, etc, is a treasure that can be employed for GOOD or for BAD…
And it is how this treasure’s potential is put to use which determines its goodness or otherwise.


- What are the most important scientific accomplishments used for in our civilization?
- What is a large part of the natural resources of most nations used for..?
- What are the most powerful sources of energy available used for...?
- Are we aware that fear is a principal motivator when humans do wrong or fail to do it right...?
- Are we as humans aware that the creative power of thought is what causes almost all of our afflictions and sets in motion all of our life’s miseries...?
- Are humans aware that the greatest treasure at their disposal is their BRAIN, the mediator between body and soul...?
- What does each of your thoughts produce through your brain, a positive or negative Biological Response…?
- Humans must know that each Biological Response impacts their health and quality of life…for good or for bad.
- Living in Positive Biological Response (PBR) makes everything you do easier, improves your health and greater control over your life.
- Remember that the fundamental sign of the PBR is the quality of the saliva, fluid like water…In medical terms we call this “vagal saliva”. The entire organism is functioning in a discrete MUSCARINIC VAGAL PREDOMINANCE. Its biological significance is absolutely positive for our health.


- Our civilization has the means to change the direction of its own destruction!
To this end:
- All it takes is to put the available treasures to work in search of the COMMON GOOD...
- Replace FEAR by LOVE as the fundamental motivator of human action...
- And keep in mind that, using your intelligently, EACH THOUGHT AND EACH WORD can improve your life.
During my long experience as a doctor and surgeon I have seen:
- That my patients can get over the scalpel and overcome their pain.
- That they set the natural healing mechanisms in motion…And that they do find the resources to change the evolution of a series of illnesses for which modern medicine is unable to solve.

- Humanity is sick... and Noesitherapy can help to recover health and harmony.
- In the end, the creative power of thought -used in a positive sense- is the indispensable tool we need to change the direction of our beleaguered civilization…But this knowledge must be delivered to all of society urgently, through the education system, in primary schools in the first place.

Dr. Ángel Escudero

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