Crystals obtained by Dr. Emoto's team with
Dr. Escudero's voice and music.

100 magnifications

100 magnifications

200 magnifications

100 magnifications

100 magnifications

200 magnifications

200 magnifications

This crystal was the answer
to Dr. Escudero 's music.


Dr. Masaru Emoto in the Noesitherapy Center.
September 23rd, 2005.

Dr. Escudero thanks  Dr. Masaru Emoto for his investigations and research on the crystals formed by water, with which he has demonstrated the sensibility of water stimulated with musical vibrations, words, images and even thoughts... This is another example which  proves the reality of healing by thinking -Noesitherapy-.

Dr. Emoto with his wife Kazuko and collaborators, Akiro Otake and Rasdmus Gaupp-Berghausen. They are watching several surgical interventions and childbirths under volitive psychoanalgesia (VPA).

Rasmus translating Dr. Escudero's explanations.

Here, they are watching very interesting and surprising images.

Breakfast. In addition to enjoying  the "horchata de chufas" and "fartons" from Valencia,
they continue the discusion.

María Jesús, Dr. Escudero's wife, explains  to Azusa Kito -translator- the meaning of the word tenderness.

Now, Dr. Escudero is listening to the translation of Masaru Emoto's words.

The marvelous sensibility of water, basis of life, is reflected in the crystals.

These beautiful images exceed our imagination and they invite us to investigate this theory on water.

Escudero showed his microscope to Masaru Emoto.

These crystals were photographed after exposing the water to Dr. Escudero's words in his CD:
"Learn to be relaxed. Know the creative power of your thought".
The water was the same one used when Escudero  showed the microscope to Dr. Emoto.
The second photo shows the crystals when they started to liquefy. These photos were taken at about 24º C of temperature.
We can see two sides of a large six-sided crystal, which we could not photograph entirely through the microscope at 200 amplifications.
The little six-sided crystals are surrounding the big crystal.

Left to right: Dr. Escudero, Kazuko Emoto, Dr. Emoto and Rosa Labayen.
Dr. Escudero's art studio.

Illustration of Dr. Masaru Emoto by Dr.  Escudero.

They spent some time learning the new game created by Escudero -Noesi-Wall-tennis- which Dr. Escudero invented in order to avoid the violence of standard Wall-tennis.
Link with Masaru Emoto's Website:

January, 2006
Its cover and 4 pages were dedicated to Dr. Emoto and Dr. Escudero's meeting in Valencia, in the Noesitherapy Center
on September 23rd, 2006.

Dr. Escudero considers that the marvelous response given by the water is the
sign for publishing his music.

Two pages dedicated by Dr. Emoto to Dr. Escudero in the 4th volume of his book